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Ongoing Project

Lipparella in collaboration with Karl Dunér produce works by Christer Lindwall, Lisa Streich and Samuel Beckett


3e våningen, Göteborg
10 november 17:00

Ny musik – Wärenstams, Borås
11 november 19:00

Liljevalchs, Stockholm
15 november 19:00

Odeum, Lund
29 november 19:00

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Das Orchester

Das Orchester was founded in 1999 as the result of a staging of a theatre play based on the book ”Prayer for Chernobyl” by the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksijevich. The unusual constellation, presenting no existing repertoire, viewed its first public appearance at this occasion, as cellist Chrichan Larson wrote music to be performed during the play. The exploration of the heterogeneous mystery of this chamber trio has proved to be an exciting enticement, challenging numerous composers, with whom the group has collaborated through the years, thus giving birth to a solid repertoire base. So far, the ensemble has performed throughout Scandinavia, in Germany and in France. Two records have been released on Blue Music Group, the most recent revealing new facets of expression in collaboration with the soprano Alexandra Büchel. Read More

Ongoing project for 2019-20

During 2019, Lipparella has a renewed collaboration with stage director Karl Dunér. This will result in a production based on texts by Samuel Beckett, and involves a new composition by Christer Lindwall.