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The members are united in a common passion for both early and modern music.

MIKAEL BELLINI – countertenor
ANNA LINDAL – baroque violin
KERSTIN FRÖDIN – recorder & baroque oboe
LOUISE AGNANI – viola da gamba & baroque cello
PETER SÖDERBERG – lute & theorbo

Ever since its inception, the group has focused on contemporary works for baroque instruments and countertenors. Crucial to this unusual profiling has been the creation of new works directly for the ensemble, which has been made possible through collaborations with a number of composers.

In recent years, among others, Mats Persson, Chrichan Larson, Madeleine Isaksson, Ivo Nilsson and Kent Olofsson have created new works for Lipparella. New collaborations are initiated continuously; The interest of composers is very great to use the unusual sound characteristics and subtle articulation possibilities of the Baroque instruments, in combination with the countertenor’s special voice mode.

Lipparella also has works by international composers on his repertoire, such as Finns Jukka Tiensuu and Harri Suilamo but also Karlheinz Stockhausen and John Cage.

Characteristic of Lipparella’s focus – unique even in an international perspective – is to create a field of tension between the instrumental world of music that is associated with a historical epoch and a tone language that is rooted in our own time.

In addition to contemporary works, Lipparella also plays the early music, of course, where our instruments originate. The ensemble performs both pure programs with contemporary and early music, but also combinations of the two based on special program ideas.

MIKAEL BELLINI has made himself known as one of Scandinavia’s foremost countertenors. He has a wide repertoire ranging from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Michael’s special interest in modern music has led several composers to compose music directly for him. He is also in demand as an opera singer, appreciated both for his beautiful and flexible voice and for his acting talent. Recordings are available at a number of record companies with both Baroque and contemporary music. Mikael also works as a piano tuner as well as a singing teacher.

ANNA LINDAL played for a long time in the trio Trio des Lyres, specializing in mixed programs with older music on original instruments and newly written works. 1983 – 2001 concertmaster in the Stockholm Philharmonic, 2002 – 2006 guest professor in violin at the Stockholm School of Music. Collaborated with many contemporary composers and in ensembles with free improvisation, has recorded two solo discs. Included in many cross-artistic projects in collaboration with visual artists, writers, filmmakers and choreographers.

KERSTIN FRÖDIN (recorder and baroque bassist) is internationally active as a soloist and chamber musician in both early music and contemporary experimental art music. Her interest in contemporary music has led to a number of collaborations with composers and she has been awarded the Crystal Prize for her efforts in new music. She has also participated in a number of scenic productions such as dance and theater performances. Kerstin has recorded music at record companies such as BIS, Phono Suecia, Proprius, Caprice, dB-productions and others.

LOUISE AGNANI is a versatile musician who, in addition to playing viola da gamba, also treats baroque cello and modern cello. She has a position in the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, and has worked with most Swedish symphony and baroque orchestras. As a gambist, Louise has participated in various sets of baroque operas in Sweden and in recordings, eg. with Ensemble Villancico (Caprice 2002), Mårten Falk and El Escorial (dB 2010). The Gamban is warm to her heart and its special sound makes it an exciting instrument in contemporary chamber music.

PETER SÖDERBERG has a background as a guitarist and improvisation musician. As a lutenist, he has for many years profiled himself in both early and contemporary music. Many composers have composed solo works for Peter, some of which are on the Phono Suecia CD “Liuto con forza” (2010). In addition to concert activities, Peter has also appeared in theater, dance and literary contexts. He has participated in many recordings, and is also active as a writer in the journal Nutida Musik.