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In 2018, Lipparella initiated a new performance concept
“Again & Again”, in which the ensemble performs a work
twice during the same concert.

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AgainAgain #1

Lipparella performs Czarna Latawce (2013) by Chrichan Larson

Chrichan speaks about his personal relation to Czeslaw Milosz’s poem Campo dei Fiori (1943), the polish language and about his composing process. Jurek Hirschberg reads and talks about his Swedish translation of the poem and about Milosz life and work. The award-winning film Campo dei Fiori by Michal Nekanda-Trepka (2013, 28 min, Polish with English subtitles) is shown, in which Milosz talks about the upheaval in the Warsaw ghetto and reads his moving poem in front of the camera. Lipparella ends the evening by performing Czarne Latawce again.

AgainAgain #2

Lipparella performs Jag, Askans sångare (Poeta delle Ceneri) (2010) by Mats Persson

A work based on the long poem by Pier Paolo Pasolini with the same name from the middle of the 1960’s. Mats Persson talks about his composition. Carl Henrik Svenstedt, writer and film maker talks about his Swedish translation of the poem and his personal perspectives on Pasolinis’s life. Film screening of a part of Pasolini’s film Comizi D’Amore (1964). Lipparella ends with a second performance of Poeta delle Ceneri.

AgainAgain #3

Lipparella performs Hemligheten (Secrets) (2013)

The performance starts with Madeleine Isaksson reading the haiku-poems by Tomas Tranströmer that she uses in her composition Hemligheten (2013). Lipparella plays Hemligheten followed by Madeleine talking about her composition. After this John Swedenmark, critique, linguist and translator, talks about morphology of the haiku and compares the Japanese and Western haiku-tradition. Lipparella ends with a second performance of Hemligheten.