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Ska alla
tecken låta?

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Ska alla tecken låta? (Sounding signs)

The concept of the “classical concert” in a traditional concert hall is slowly changing and with the project Sounding signs? Lipparella aims for new forms of proximity and dynamics in the space between the audience and the work. The different building blocks: text, space and music, mirror, deepen and challenge each other, creating a dynamic entity and offering a spectrum of possible perspectives to the musical and literary works. In the listening, the understanding and the experience. The director Karl Dunér develops the scenic concept that adapts to different spaces and environments and uses the specificity of different venues in the overall experience. Music: Lisa Streich: Fikonträdet / Per Mårtensson: Al-Jazeera / Erik Peters: Thema und Variation. Texts by Inger Christensen, Lars Mikael Raattamaa, Ingeborg Bachmann.