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A dramatic musical journey around the Mediterranean, taken from Italo Calvino's novel The Baron in the Trees

Baron in the Trees (2013), by Ivo Nilsson is a music dramatic story about how the 12-year old Cosimo climbs the trees to live there the rest of his life and never come down again. Freely adopted after Italo Calvino’s novel with the same name. The work can be performed in concert or can be staged and is also available as young people’s concert (60 minutes).

In the production that the ensemble performed at Mediterranean Museum in Stockholm 2014 – created by ALICE Collective for sound and performing arts – the cembalo player Peter Lönneberg and the actress Kirsti Torhaug also participated. Wolfgang Lehman – Video projection, Niklas Billström – Scenography, Filippa Hanzon – costumes, Magnus Jakobsson – libretto, dramaturge, Johan Petri – stage directing.