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Stjärnfält (Star Fields)

In the hour-long work Champs d’étoiles (2008-2016), the composer Kent Olofsson has created a libretto through combinations of different texts, where the texts comment each other and form new meaning. The overall theme of Champs d’étoiles is the pilgrimage.

A starting point for the composing was a passage from Das Buch von der Pilgerschaft by Rainer Maria Rilke that deals with the insight about and the necessity to depart, in searching, both inside yourself and in the world. The work is also an artistically exploring journey where Olofsson’s curiosity in the instruments from the baroque- and renaissance-epoch is central.

The work can be performed in a complete version or with a selection of movements with alternating settings, from solo to quintet. Texts by Arthur Rimbaud, Rainer Maria Rilke, Dag Hammarskjöld.